How to Become a Life Coach

Life coaching is a tough but a very rewarding career. A lot more great coaches are needed in the world. People usually choose this as a career path when they are near retirement because it can be done as a part-time while some life coaches work full-time, often by Skype or phone.

A life coach is a person who supports his client and encourages him. They can help you get whatever you want in life.

When you start off as a life coach, you usually might earn $100 an hour or if you are coaching an organization then you can earn $400 to $500.Most life coaches are self employed. Charging all your clients yourself and forming ways of payment, along with this you will have to pay the self-employment tax.

Following steps can help you become a life coach:

  1. Join a coaching program:
  2. Recently, many universities have started coaching programs which trains the people to become a coach. Joining a coaching program is very important as it is a key towards success. Once you have completed the program, you become eligible of certification. Include it on your business card and this will help increase the numbers of your clients after you start off with your business.
  3. Work with a mentor coach:
    Turn into a model coach by working with a highly experienced and qualified mentor coach. This would actually help you have a clear view of what a life coach actually does. To get better knowledge of what you are doing, you should first find a life coach yourself. To supplement the training of new life coaches, they should be advised by a mentor coach.
  4. Register yourself in different coaching directories:
    Putting yourself in the web can help you reach tons of people who are looking for life coaches. There are many internet wanderers that may find you on the list of coaching directories. You can register yourself on various coaching directories online.
  5. Your coaching skills should be practiced:
    Grab any of your acquaintance that is willing to be life coached and start coaching them. You will feel a level of mastery and self-confidence after you have coached 100 people. This will have a record of successful results behind you.
  6. Enjoy your practice:
    It would take long to become a Master Certified Coach but you should keep on developing and increasing your skills before you reach there.